Saturday, October 27, 2012

Magic Bonnet

How cute are this little magic bonnet and how perfect is it as a Christening gift with a difference.

The hankerchief is a beautiful crisp white with embossed flowers in one corner, we have added some lovely butterfly lace to the edge and of course lovely matching ribbons.

The poem reads

I'm just a little hankerchief

As square as square can be

And with a stitch or two

They've made a bonnet out of me

Wear me home from the hospital

Or on your Christening Day

Then neatly pressed and folded

Carefully pack me away

What could be more fitting

Than to bring to little me

With stitches snipped and ribbons pulled

A wedding handkerchief I'll be..

And if perchance tis a boy

Someday he'll surley wed

To his bride he can present

The bonnet once worn upon his head.

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