Sunday, October 28, 2012

Garden October 2012

I have decided to start putting in some basic above ground gardens and I finished the first one lol.

I am putting in a couple of these and we need the nets here to stop the cats, bats and birds getting in with the vegs. I have started planting   tomato's and rhubarb and will over the next few days pick up some more seedlings.
I spent Sunday transplanting root bound plants and planting herbs for the summer and it was a good day as it was cool making it perfect to work outside.
My miniature mandarin tree is also going to produce fruit this year which is very cool lol.

The wind has been so bad this year that my yard looks like a disaster area most of the time so being able to get outside and rake up the leaves and generally have a good clean up makesme feel rather productive and I have always enjoyed the loved and cared for look of a yard and garden.

My garden is a real work in progress  as we have only just finished removing dozens of adult tress that were chocking each other because of lack of space so now we start the replanting of useful trees and add the gardens.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happiness Kit

Happiness Kit


This is the perfect gift to give someone who has everything and it is so cute.

The poem starts as follows
ERASER To make mistakes disappear
RUBBERBANDS  To stretch yourself to the limit
MARBLES   In case someone says you have lost yours
A COIN  So you never have to say you have no money
STRING To tie things together when everything falls apart

Magic Bonnet

Magic Bonnet

How cute are this little magic bonnet and how perfect is it as a Christening gift with a difference.

The hankerchief is a beautiful crisp white with embossed flowers in one corner, we have added some lovely butterfly lace to the edge and of course lovely matching ribbons.

The poem reads

I'm just a little hankerchief

As square as square can be

And with a stitch or two

They've made a bonnet out of me

Wear me home from the hospital

Or on your Christening Day

Then neatly pressed and folded

Carefully pack me away

What could be more fitting

Than to bring to little me

With stitches snipped and ribbons pulled

A wedding handkerchief I'll be..

And if perchance tis a boy

Someday he'll surley wed

To his bride he can present

The bonnet once worn upon his head.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Butterfly Love

This stunning pin cushion is a one of a kind and has been created by Andama Dujon for Extraordinary Things.

We have used a vintage Royal Albert English bone china duo/ teaset and we have matched the fabric roses perfectly to the wonderful vibrant pink pattern on the cup and saucer.

We have made this in cushion a little playful by adding two pink butterflys and then finished it off with three hand made butterfly hat pins.

 Extraordinary Things from Ordinary Things


stunning one of a kind life like reborn baby mannequin created at Andama Galleries using a Ariella sculpt by Reva Schick