Friday, January 6, 2012

Bangalow NSW Australia

I have had my cousin staying with me for the past week which was nice and we visited a few different places in the Northern Rivers this trip.
I have always liked the small village of Bangalow and loved taking friends to visit the quaint shops which always have unique items to sell but not this time I was saddened to see that Bangalow had become another main stream Tourist town which is now  dirty and smelly.  My cousin and I watched as people walked  past foul smelling rubbish bins to enter a coffee shop and we both wondered how hungry one would have to be to actually want to eat there. The public toilets should be torn down as they are shameful.

What  really stood out were the people working  in the now overpriced stores really gave the impression they didn't want to be there and didn't want us to be there lol.

I would give BANGALOW in the NSW Northern Rivers a thumbs down and no longer consider it a place to take visitors from anywhere. There are better places, cleaner places and friendlier places.

Such a shame as for years it was place to go where as now it is a place to GO POST.

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