Friday, January 6, 2012

Brunswick Heads

BRUNSWICKS HEADS  NSW Northern Rivers Australia.
This was another village I had not been to for many years  and I very surprised to see the new cosmopolitan feel about the place with lovely street cafe's and very pretty shops.
This was once a holiday destination for those with caravans and tents and it seems to today that is still the case but take a little extra money as life would not be cheap at Brunswicks heads.
This is a great little village with a river on one side and beach on the other and the kids will love it.
Not a place to shop as things are not cheap but they are cute even if a little out there  and I am sure you will enjoy your stay.  We only popped in to the town to have a look at the shopping and have to say we found a shop called "WHATEVER" which had very friendly staff and great priced clothing especially for people who like Indian and hippie wear and of course beach wear.
Would I go back, Yes but as a drive through or to take a picnic as it still is a lovely little village and I would guess that when the holidays were over and the heat was gone the town would be an even better place to spend a couple of hours

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