Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Farmers Market

I met a new neighbour last week Nanette and she was raving about the Murwillumbah farmers markets sooooooo today I took myself down there and did a bit of fresh veg and fruit shopping.
Loved the place and it is said that we can learn some thing new every day and today I learnt that we have a cheese maker in our town which meant I had to buy cheese as it is a weakness of mine.
I decided I would try the feta sitting in salt water and also couldn't resist a really strong brie and I am very excited about giving them a go and of course I will post what I think of both cheeses.
I also picked up some strawberries (which I had for breakfast) and veg plus some apples for a sauce I am making so it was a nice morning and I can see me returning weekly.
Nanette has lived here for four years lol I just didn't meet her until now, nice woman and she  is building a garden which is lovely and she has chickens that are very friendly. Nanette also makes waldorf dolls which are so cute.

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