Sunday, December 4, 2011

David Gould studios

Andama Galleries proudly supports the Australian film industry was asked by David Gould studios to supply 6 reborn babies for a movie called INSEPARABLE COIL .
proudly support the Australian film industry

 David Gould has over 15 years experience working on high quality visual effects and computer graphics films such as King Kong,

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers:The Return of the King. He has also worked as a senior software engineer at Walt Disney feature animation and NVIDIA.

Actors in this movie are.

Matt Kennard, Sam Kennard,Brendan Clearkin, Tony Bonner,

Evert McQueen,Ozzie Devrish, Jacob Worth, Danielle Larkin,

Diane Oberine, Aash Aaron, Graham K Furness.

CINEMATOGRAPHER is Peter A Holland who demonstrated fine work on the Gabriel film and most recently completed The Nothing Men an Australian drama

here is the link to view the trailer

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