Thursday, December 15, 2011


 WE are moving from Cyber space to physical space

Well it is only about three weeks until the  house goes on the market and it is all very exciting.

We have finally decided to open a physical premises  to go with our online gallery  and have narrowed our  choices of places to live to Junee and Gulgong in NSW Australia so things are really starting to move forward now.
We will be heading down south in January 2012 to have a look at half a dozen properties which are now on the  short list and of course we shall keep everyone  posted on the where why and when so pop back in anytime for updates or follow us on Face book.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

sailor WITH MUSIC at

Andama Galleries: Hello Sailor

Andama Galleries: Hello Sailor: Sailor was born the 15th of October 2011 and what a little cutie she is Sailor was born the 15th of October 2011 and was created the bab...

Hello Sailor

Sailor was born the 15th of  October 2011 and what a little cutie she is

Sailor was born the 15th of October 2011 and was created the baby maker and reborn doll master artist Andama Dujon using a Suzanna sculpt by Olivia Stone

Sailor has jet black hair rooted using the finest Australian mohair.  She has closed eyes and has been given a peaches and cream complexion giving her a soft look. She has a soft jointed body allowing perfect posing and although she looks small she is in fact 19 inches long.
She comes with two outfits one from Charlie and Me which is a more traditional baby outfit with an cute pink and white onzie with a matching hat and bow plus matching bib, she also comes with a stunning designer custom made dress, panties, bonnet, sock, and hair clip PLUS matching custom made little Mary Jane shoes. The entire outfit is covered in lots of lace and bows and tiny little pink fabric roses with pearls. The panties with this beautiful frilly pink and white outfit are stunning as are the shoes and socks. She also has a sweetheart gold bracelet and magnetic pink dummy. Dresses to  puuurrrrrfection, highly collectible

This little girl is of one of a kind like-like life-size reborn baby  and once adopted she will be gone forever.

Sailor was created at Andama Galleries the home of Reborn Dolls Australia

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Charming baby created at Reborn Dolls Australia

Reborn baby Charming has been created by Andama  Galleries from a Mariji by Adrie Stoete and she was born on the 5th of December 2011.
One of a kind life like life size  now listed for adoption

charming WITH

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Friends of the Pound Kaz Updates

Kaz has now been with us for nearly a week and she is such a quick leaner with everything.
The first time I went out was the day after she had arrived and my  neighbour tells me she did a  little bit of barking but stopped of her own accord then today I had to go out twice and she didn't make a sound so life is good. She learns very quickly about not getting up on furniture and that she has her own food bowl.
I also have to announce that Kaz has mastered the stairs wahooooooo lol.

Farmers Market

I met a new neighbour last week Nanette and she was raving about the Murwillumbah farmers markets sooooooo today I took myself down there and did a bit of fresh veg and fruit shopping.
Loved the place and it is said that we can learn some thing new every day and today I learnt that we have a cheese maker in our town which meant I had to buy cheese as it is a weakness of mine.
I decided I would try the feta sitting in salt water and also couldn't resist a really strong brie and I am very excited about giving them a go and of course I will post what I think of both cheeses.
I also picked up some strawberries (which I had for breakfast) and veg plus some apples for a sauce I am making so it was a nice morning and I can see me returning weekly.
Nanette has lived here for four years lol I just didn't meet her until now, nice woman and she  is building a garden which is lovely and she has chickens that are very friendly. Nanette also makes waldorf dolls which are so cute.

Monday, December 5, 2011

wittle wabbit

Hop on into at and check out this beautiful little boy who is soon to be listed for adoption

Lady LA LA

Lady LALA is such a cute little Panda and will be listed for adoption in the coming days at She is chocolate brown and white and a little 12-13 inch stunner

Sunday, December 4, 2011


I have been the foster mum to Kaz ( for Friends of the pound Tweed) for about three days now and I have to say she is such a delightful little girl.
She is fully house trained which is a bonus and loves to play and I  know she would love having a family with kids, having said that she is happy to sit for hours while I work and she will follow you anywhere and everywhere. Nothing seems to upset her and she never growls or bites and so far she had not picked up anything other than a toy when she plays. Kaz love to chase toys and she will bring them back but she also adores you stamping your feet and pretending  to chase her.
Open stairs make her nervous but she will take a half a dozen of them before she changes her mind and heads back to the yard so  I think any other stairs would be fine.
She is lovely on a lead and loves to have a walk plus she is very good in a car as she will sit quietly in the back seat getting up every now and then to have a look out the window.
I would be tempted to keep this little girl as she is dog that loves to love and be loved and she one of the most trusting caring dogs I have met.
Kaz loves to meet EVERYONE and she thinks other dogs are wonderful and she is so trusting I don't think she knows that some dogs and cats  may hurt her lol. She does have a real fascination for birds and chickens and she watches them like a cat watches fish in a bowl lol

She sits on command but wont come back when I call her which I think is only because there is too much to see and do in my yard but if you tell her to sit she will and she will wait for you to walk over and pick her up.
Pop back every couple of days for updates on beautiful little KAZ

David Gould studios

Andama Galleries proudly supports the Australian film industry was asked by David Gould studios to supply 6 reborn babies for a movie called INSEPARABLE COIL .
proudly support the Australian film industry

 David Gould has over 15 years experience working on high quality visual effects and computer graphics films such as King Kong,

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers:The Return of the King. He has also worked as a senior software engineer at Walt Disney feature animation and NVIDIA.

Actors in this movie are.

Matt Kennard, Sam Kennard,Brendan Clearkin, Tony Bonner,

Evert McQueen,Ozzie Devrish, Jacob Worth, Danielle Larkin,

Diane Oberine, Aash Aaron, Graham K Furness.

CINEMATOGRAPHER is Peter A Holland who demonstrated fine work on the Gabriel film and most recently completed The Nothing Men an Australian drama

here is the link to view the trailer

Reborns in Movies

Andama Galleries is a proud supporter of the Australian film industry and we were lucky enough to have had two more of our babies star in a film called FOUR DAYS OF THE MAYFLOWER.

watch the trailer of the movie at the link below

the two babies used in the movie are Harper and Passion