Saturday, November 13, 2010


Life is pretty busy for artists at this time of year especially reborn doll artists.
I have noticed an increased number of people joining the Baby Banter forum at 
which is fantastic for both collectors and artist of reborn dolls as the forum was designed to be there to help other artists and to allows collectors of dolls to show off their reborn babies and to talk about reborn dolls, we even added a talk reborn doll chat room which is always an asset as we all love to talk especially about dolls lol.
The Baby Banter forum has over a thousand registered members with membership increasing every day and it is a wonderful place where reborn doll artists are able to show off their work, where new artists are able to learn and get help with their reborn dolls as well as being able to chat to other artists on all things reborn. (or just chat lol)
We have a very large number of collectors of reborn dolls who are also very active on the forum and I think the thing I love most about our collectors is that they are really active on the forum and share photos, new arrivals, their wish lists and families with us.

More coming up on The baby Banter forum at the home of Reborn Dolls Australia

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